These dental products are available at our office.

DiamondClean Smart Sonicare

The ultimate clean for ultimate results

Equipped with advanced technology, modern features and stylish lines, DiamondClean Smart offers exceptional whitening and plaque removal. It is proven to whiten teeth in as little as one week and to remove up to 5x more plaque than a manual toothbrush, making it perfect for those patients who want to keep their smile its brightest. DiamondClean Smart has a slim, ergonomic handle with a ceramic finish, innovative dual charging options and five cleaning modes, including Gum Care, Polish, and White. It’s Bluetooth capability allows you to connect the brush with an app on your smart phone or device and get expert advice and guidance on your brushing. 

DiamondClean Smart Sonicare - white

DiamondClean Smart Sonicare - black

DiamondClean Smart Sonicare - pink

DiamondClean Smart Sonicare - purple

We carrying the DiamondClean Smart Sonicare at our office for only $175. This toothbrush comes in Silver, Black, Pink, and White editions.

Colgate® PreviDent®


Colgate® PreviDent® Rinse Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Plus toothpaste Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Plus (Rx) is a prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste that can deliver 5000 ppm fluoride. It combines the cleaning power of a toothpaste with prescription-strength fluoride for dental caries protection.


  • Prescription-strength fluoride toothpaste
  • Significant remineralization of root caries in just 3 months (38%) and 6 months (57%)1
  • Great-tasting spearmint and Fruitastic*™


  • Easy to use one-step procedure
  • Therapeutic decay prevention safe for exposed root surfaces

We carry this product in paste and rinse form for $18.


Anti-microbial therapy for the treatment of gingivitis

Colgate® PerioGard® RinseColgate® PerioGard® Rinse is a broad spectrum anti-microbial oral rinse that has been proven safe and effective for treating gingivitis.

PerioGard® (Chlorhexidine Gluconate Oral Rinse USP, 0.12%) is indicated for use between dental visits as part of a professional program for the treatment of gingivitis as characterized by redness and swelling of the gingivae, including gingival bleeding upon probing.

We carry this product in the office for $18.

Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips

Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips Sheer White Teeth Whitening Strips are one of the easiest methods to do your teeth whitening & bleaching treatment. This is because the teeth bleaching strips have the correct amount of bleach distributed evenly unlike trays and other teeth whitening / bleaching methods. Unlike over the counter teeth whitening or bleaching strips, our teeth bleaching strips are made of better film, so they won’t slip and slide over your teeth.

We carry these teeth whitening strips at the office for $35.

Opalescence Teeth Whitening System

 Opalescence Teeth Whitening System
For our professional custom fit whitening trays, we use the Opalescence Teeth Whitening System. With this teeth whitening system, you can transform your smile with whiter, brighter teeth after the first application. We offer two different strengths, 20% and 35% concentration, both at the same low price of $25 for the 4 syringe kit. We recently lowered the price of our custom teeth whitening trays to $200, which includes 4 syringes of bleach.