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Dental Implant Placement

                Before X-ray, showing before dental implant placement After X-ray, showing placement of a single dental implant.
50-year-old male
lost his lower right six year molar
A single implant was
placed into the space.
After healing, a single permanently
cemented crown will be placed to
regain chewing function.
Before X-ray, showing missing front tooth before dental implant. After X-ray, showing an implant placed by Dr. Wiedower.
33-year-old male
missing his upper left front tooth.
Dr. Wiedower placed an
implant into the space, a single
permanently cemented crown will
be placed after healing.
X-ray, showing loss of molars due to decay and periodontal disease.
 X-ray, showing dental implant placed by Westport Dental.

Patient lost lower right molars due to decay and periodontal disease. Upper molars starting to super-erupt (drop down) due to loss of lowers.

Dr. Wiedower placed an implant lower right in the 6 year molar position. A permanent crown will be placed on top of the implant in about 3 months.

 Before: right central incisor super-erupting, causing pain when biting.
 During: tooth removed and implant placed the same day.
 After: temporary crown placed by Dr Wiedower.
68-year-old male. Right central incisor super-erupting. Patient beginning to have discomfort biting with front teeth.
Dr Wiedower removed the tooth and placed an implant the same day.
Patient did not want to go without front tooth or have a removable appliance during the healing phase, so Dr Wiedower made a temporary crown for the patient.

 Uncomfortable dentures, before dental implants.
 After placing 4 dental implants.
Edentulous 74 year old male with uncomfortable, ill-fitting denture
Four lower implants which will anchor his lower denture


 Adult male presents with failed root canal treatment on his lower right 6 yr molar.
 Patient chose to have tooth extracted and implant placed.
 Dr. Wiedower placed an implant into the site and a crown will be cemented into place to restore full chewing function


 Female patient had been missing tooth #30 for many years
 Dr. Wiedower placed a dental implant into the site
 A healing abutment is placed until the implant heals and is ready for the permanent crown

Cosmetic Anterior Restorations

Female patient unhappy with crowding and color of front teeth, did not want to undergo orthodontics at her age.  
 Dr. Wiedower gave her straight, white teeth with 6 anterior crowns. 

 Middle aged female with years of wear and tear from grinding her teeth wanted a new smile.
 Dr Wiedower was able to redesign her smile with cosmetic anterior crowns. 


This female patient had several anterior restorations over the years that had discolored and she was unhappy with spacing between front teeth. 
 She decided to have Dr. Wiedower crown her front teeth to give her the smile she has always wanted. 

Female adult patient still had mamelons on anterior teeth. Dr. Wiedower suggest countering her front teeth. 
 After smoothing and rounding the edges of her front teeth, the patient stated she can finally smile without hiding her teeth!

 Male patient missing two of his anterior teeth from birth which created spaces that were not esthetically pleasing. 
 Dr. Wiedower placed 4 anterior cosmetic crowns and gave him a new smile. The patient stated “I love my crowns, it was well worth the investment”

 Female patient who was unhappy with her smile for years decided to give herself the smile she has always wanted.
 With 6 anterior cosmetic crowns, Dr. Wiedower completely transformed her smile.

Male patient with several areas of decay and broken fillings which kept him from smiling.  
Dr. Wiedower placed 6 anterior Zirconia cosmetic crowns and the patient is proud of his new smile.

Male patient with crowding issues, not wanting braces but unhappy with smile for years

Dr. Wiedower placed 4 crowns on his upper front teeth and the patient loves his new smile

“Getting my crowns was the best decision I have ever made.”


Male patient unhappy with space between front teeth and did not want to do braces 
Dr Wiedower was able to do cosmetic bonding on both his front teeth and give him the smile he wanted

Woman with upper teeth crowned by Dr. Wiedower.

“Since Dr. Wiedower crowned my upper teeth I smile all the time. I have my old self confidence back and even enjoy having my picture taken. I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Wiedower and the Westport Dental staff! Thank you Westport Dental!” -Melissa S.

See her full review on our Testimonial page!!


 Before: fractured two front teeth caused by a fall.

 After: Dr Wiedower restored her smile with six porcelain crowns.

55 year old female fell and fractured her front two teeth
Dr Wiedower restored her beautiful smile with six anterior porcelain crowns



 Before: decay on several teeth.
 During: decay removed, teeth prepared for composite restorations.
  After: smile restored in one day with compsite restorations.
(Before) An adult male with several areas of visible decay wanting a new smile for an upcoming wedding
(During) Dr Wiedower removed decay and prepared the teeth for composite restorations
(After) In one office visit, this patient went from hiding his teeth to smiling with pride

Laser Frenectomy

 Before: girl with very tight frenum attachment between her lower teeth.

 Ten days after laser frenum detachment.
 Three weeks after laser frenum detachment. Completely healed.
8 year old female had a very tight frenum attachment between her lower anteriors. If left this way, her gums will most likely recede causing an unhealthy gingival attachment 
Using a diode laser, Dr. Wiedower performed a frenectomy in the office with local anesthesia alone.
3 weeks after the procedure the site has almost completely and the tissue already looks healthier.

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