Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment in Conway, AR

Scaling and Root Planing (SRP)

Traditional Scaling and Root Planing (SRP) or Non-Surgical Periodontal Treatment is still the first treatment for periodontal disease. Upon completion of a Full Mouth Periodontal (FMP) evaluation and Bitewing Radiographs (BWX), an accurate periodontal assessment can be made. If the diagnosis is periodontal disease, the first step in treatment is SRP.

This procedure involves local anesthetic to numb the gum tissue and teeth. Then, ultrasonic scalers and specialized hand intruments are used to remove all calculus and smooth damaged root surfaces, along with irrigation to kill bacterica within the periodontal pocket. The procedure is divided into two appointments so that half of the mouth can be numbed for patient comfort.

After Scaling and Root Planing has been completed, oral hygiene is the key to successful healing. Without daily flossing, the periodontal treatment will fail. A periodontal maintenance appointment is recommended six weeks after completion of SRP to see how well the gum tissue is healing, reinforce oral hygiene, and retreat any areas that may not be healing as well as needed.

Most patients have very minimal discomfort during and after Scaling and Root Planing and are happy to report that the procedure and post-op healing went better than they originally anticipated.

At our office, we understand that your periodontal tissues (bone and gums) are the foundation for your teeth. A strong, healthy foundation is the key to keeping your teeth, which is why every adult patient at our practice receives a complete periodontal evaluation at least once every year.

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